Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The dance

I've only just realized it's this dance I do, tell some secrets, maybe get brave enough to peek out of the closet, then, scared to find myself so vulnerable, run to bury myself back in the deepest, darkest corner of the closet I can find. When the world doesn't end I start to wonder why. I get curious about what's really going on out there. So I creep forward to nervously peer out again. In times past I just might decide not to look out of the same peephole. I'd see what the view from a different one was like. This time I recognized the steps in this dance and thought I'd use this peephole again to see if I can see any of the same people. Eh the bottom line is I missed some of you and thought I should at least drop in an update instead of running away =)

Son #1 is grounded for bad grades which is really unusual for him. He's normally the type of student who's worst grades are usually Bs so the first time we let him slide with a warning to fix it. This time we had no choice.

Son #2 has dodged a bullet labelled "sexual harassment" only because he's never been in Trouble at school before and the girl's dad isn't pressing charges. You know, I fully understand that they were all just messin around writing and drawing on each other and the girl allowed him to draw on her back but did he have to draw a penis and balls with an arrow pointing down at her butt saying "insert here"??? I know, I know, all he thought was it would get a few laughs from the other kids and the girl wasn't upset about it but it was still wrong on many levels. Needless to say he's grounded like we've never grounded a child before this.

Son #3 is STILL grounded for bad grades!

Thank the Divine, Son #4 is, at least as of this very moment, not in trouble!

Son #3 is facing heart surgery. He's had SVT for some time now but a week or so ago it acted up twice in one weekend while they were digging a fire pit outside and the second one we had to take him to the hospital to get his heartrate back down. Since it seems to be getting worse instead of him growing out of it they did an exam and tests to see if this surgery is an option. We're coordinating with the doctors right now to get it done as soon as we can. They'll run a line up the artery somewhere around the hip/groin area up to his heart and simply burn out the extra nerve that's causing the problem. His mom tried to block having it done but quite frankly we just ran right over her on this one. Of course there's SOME risk, there always is no matter how tiny, but it truly is a very small risk and in return he may never, ever have to deal with his heart racing painfully out of control like this ever again. HE wants it done! We think it's worth it.

Me? I've just been doing a lot of the usual, really. Exercising, taking care of critters, wrangling kiddos, cleaning house, playing World of Warcraft... The horses are coming along nicely! I thought poor hubs was going to have a heartattack yesterday when I casually announced that I was going out to ride the gelding. After some initial nervousness though everything was just fine just like I knew it would be and it was a fun ride.

Today it actually snowed enough and stuck long enough to do something with it! Two snows in one winter??? So much for global warming. Hubs and I made loads of snowballs at strategic locations, waited till the boys got off the bus, then started a massive snowball fight. After we started to make a snowman but someone put an odd lump of snow on him so he became a snow-woman. Son #1 then went off to make a snowman he could pummel to bits while I started on a whole crowd of little snowmen in a tribute to Calvin and Hobbes. Hubs went off back to show Son #3 how to make a snow fort and Son #3 decided instead to make a snow angel on the trampoline. I'll have to go out later to finish my C&H tribute but we were finally frozen enough to run inside for awhile to warm up with some nice hot cocoa. *sigh* I may hate the cold but I love the memories you can make with it. The only thing missing is my other two boys.


  1. Welcome back, Clandestiny. I've missed you :)
    I hope Son #3 is okay! I'm sending tons of positive energy your way!

  2. Geez, they're boys after all... (I'm grinning at the penis story - of course it was grown-up-stupid, but well... boys. Need I say more?)

    I hope this piece of rough road ends soon for your family!

  3. Grade problems...boys will be boys issues...snowball fights...snowmen...health issues...wow, lots happening in your life...some fun, some not so fun...all great memories...missed you, but understanding and keeping your family in my thoughts...

  4. Jon, I missed you guys too! Thanks for the positive energy =)

    Diandra, boys...exactly! lol

    Judy, sometimes it does seem like there's never a dull moment in my life but sometimes that's ok