Saturday, January 16, 2010

A scene

Disclaimer: To any that identify themselves as hippies I can assure you that no actual hippies were harmed during the enactment of this scene. Also my second son actually does not think these terrible stereotypical things about hippies. He simply thinks it's funny to poke fun at Son #4's tender heart by spouting various outrageous things sometimes in the time honored tradition of brothers torturing each other for amusement.

I adore my children! They can crack me up with nothing more than a look but some of my favorite funny times with them happen when they're just playing, being themselves. Today is Saturday and so of course I'm in the laundry room when...

Son #2, marching through the hallway militantly: Down with hippies! Make war not love!

Son #4, wandering along behind him: There's nothing wrong with hippies! They can be really nice people too!

Me: So what's wrong with hippies?

Son #2: They're dirty, stinky, tree huggin, commies!

Son #4: Hey I don't stink!

Son #2, picks his march back up heading towards the bedrooms with Son #4 still following and protesting

Son #2: Make war not love! Make war not love!

Suddenly there's a ruckus, scream from Son #2, maniacal laughter from Son #4, Son #2 comes tearing past the laundry room screaming "Make love not war! Make love not war!" with Son #4 in hot pursuit holding a toy knife aloft cackling happily.

Son #4: Mama! I'm a hippy murderer!!

They collapse at the foot of the stairs, Son #4 giggling as he repeatedly pokes his brother in the stomach, Son #2 twitching and moaning as if in death throes.

Me, stepping over them carefully: Just give me a second to get past your murder scene so I can get upstairs, sweetie.

Once upstairs...

Hubby: What are they doing?

Me: Oh Son #4 is just stabbing Son #2 to death.

Hubby: Oh. Is he at least using a good, sharp knife?

Me: No. He's using a Bionicle piece.

Hubby: Ouch. That's gonna be a slow painful death.


  1. lol sounds like my kind of scene.

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