Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Making a Difference Monday?

As I was wandering through Blogs of Note for interesting reading I came across Carrie's blog,Carrot Speak, and one of her posts in particular caught my attention, Making a Difference Monday. In Carrie's own words:

I started Making a Difference Mondays as a way for me to use my once miniscule blogging voice to try and change the world one kind deed at a time. Each Monday, I'll post about something I've done to make someone's day a little bit better, and I invite you all to play along by doing the following:
1.) Make your own Making a Difference Monday post, explaining to your readers these rules, and sharing the story of some small act of kindness you've performed in the past week. It could be anything...holding a door, helping a little old lady cross the street, or even just stopping at a red light when there's no one around to know the difference.2.) Enter a link to your post in the Mcklinky box below.3.) Link back to my post in yours so that your readers can find the full list of participants.
It is with one person and one action at a time that we change to world. Why not try to change it for the better?

It touched me in many ways. This sounded just like the sort of thing I used to believe. I wanted to help the world be a better place in any small way because I had been in it. I bravely threw all my young, fragile hopes and dreams out there hoping to find others that resonnated with the same sentiments so we could become stronger together. I imagined we'd find still others out there along the way who hoped to make the world better, that with each good, kind soul we gathered in we'd become a stronger and stronger presence of goodness until we became a true unstoppable force spreading nothing but love to everyone we touched!

Now I compare that brave little soul to what I've become and it brings tears to my eyes. What a naieve pipe dream! The voices of fear and doubt creep into my ears saying it's better to not get involved, putting your heart out there like that only leads to disappointment and pain. But another voice that they can't quite drown out completely yet whispers that maybe when I first reached out if I'd found even one other brave little pioneer that would stand with me, maybe we could've made it come true. Besides, what do I really have left to lose?

So yes, tattered and torn as it is I've decided to throw my heart out there with hers, to try once again! Starting this next Monday I'll share those things with you. I hope you enjoy the journey and that something here may touch something within you too.

For more information please visit:Making a Difference Monday #10 at Carrot Speak


  1. I've got to admit, I might have teared up a little. Thanks for braving it and standing with me. :)

  2. Sorry bout that! Sometimes I just go into drama-mama mode for some reason :)