Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bloggin Blahs

Isn't it too early in my blog to have the blahs already? I just wasn't moved to write anything yesterday but that's ok, a day off, cool. But this morning I got on here and had the same reaction, "blah." I can afford one day off, even two or three if I'm missing blogging for something good like spending time with the kids, but two days off for the blahs slides too easily into three, four...before you know it you just can't bring yourself to face it. I even visited the handful of blogs I'm following to see if that would spark some interest in commenting on their posts to get myself started. Blah. Not that they weren't good posts! There were some great, thought provoking, emotion stirring, touching, sometimes funny posts and a few sparks sputtered in my head but I just wasn't motivated to pull them together and put them in the comments. So I figured maybe it was just too early and my brain wasn't fully awake yet and if I tried later the words would just flow from my head straight out my fingers. Nope. Blah. I'm forcing the words out onto my screen and into being. Am I all out of stories already? Sheee-yeah right!! That's so not the case! I've got loads of stories just from the animal rescue alone, experiences, not to mention I haven't told all my secrets yet like I promised. Oh yeah, being Pagan is the very the least of my deep, dark secrets! Hmm... What do you do when you run into this problem?


  1. Personally I head over to Pagan Blog Prompts ( or Mrs. B's prompts ( to get some ideas :)

  2. Well you pulled a good blog out of blahhing anyway. I'm a new blogger so I'm still at the point of everything seems like it could turn into a blog. I've got a running blog in my head at all times. It's annoying! Not everything is blogworthy. But, hmmm, I guess I would suggest take a walk, read the paper, do anything that interests you and soon your thoughts will start flowing again. Besides, what about those secrets you promised??

  3. All good ideas you two, thanks! And yeah, little by little as I get brave enough I've still got some secrets to get out. Guess until I manage to wrestle them out I'll consider myself under contract to keep bloggin lol