Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tragedy at Fort Hood

I'm guessing that most people have heard about the shooting at Ft Hood by now and if you don't you'll be able to find out easily as it's in the news. I have friends and loved ones there. Some of the people there have hurt me horribly. Heck my children are there sometimes! We've gotten ahold of a few friends there who, thank the gods, are ok. Others, including my children we don't know yet.

None of it matters right now though. Whoever has been injured or killed had at least someone out there who cares about them so there's a whole ton of emotion in the air tonight, grief, pain, anger, and more. For those people all I can do is say I wish I could make it all better somehow. I'm so sorry for what you're going through.

I keep telling myself that there's absolutely NO reason at all that the children should've been there today so I'm being perfectly silly to even worry but I won't feel right until I can talk to them. Please pray/send positive energies/spare a kind thought for the people that are hurting so badly tonight and for all those who are still waiting to find out.


  1. I've just heard that all the victims are adults. That makes me feel a teensy bit better but why haven't they called back???

  2. They did finally call back and everything was fine, of course, but I'd worried myself to a frazzle by then so all I really wanted was bed!

  3. Oh my God. I am so sorry. I can't imagine how terrifying it must have been for you not to have heard from your children. :( That has to be about the worst fear imaginable. I'm so glad that they're okay!!

  4. I'm in Austin, and indeed it was horrific...and somehow moreso for being just up the road a piece. I've read several of your entries...very interested in your paganism (I'm not, but have tendencies as all my spirituality is tied to the beauty of the earth and universe). I also lost precious time with my children far too early. I'll keep reading.

  5. One of my best friend is there and it has been a nightmare not knowing. I go to his facebook page, call his phone, his wife's... anything I can think of and nothing. So I know what you went through.

    There is annother thing that makes me feel horrible. I used to be case manager in working with Seriously Injured service members in NNMC and Walter Reed, so I got to work with the perpetrator. I try to look back and remember meetings where we discussed a common patient; I try to see if there was something about him that told... nothing...

    But I read your post and I decided that there is no point. I will not waste my energy trying to figure out why, instead, I'll send loving energy to all those who have been touched by this darkness. Thanks for the reminder darling.

  6. Carrie, most of me knew that the kids were just fine but that is the thing that I am most terrified of in all of the world, something like that happening to my kids! So like I said, I just couldn't unwind until I'd heard from them.

    Dreamfarm Girl, I'm so sorry you've also lost time with your children. There's nothing I can think to say except I know how that hurts. I'm so glad you found us and happy to have you reading along though :)

    Magaly, many times I remind others of those sorts of things in order to remind myself too! It's tough to do in the face of something this awful, moreso for some like you who've had some actual solid contact with the people there. I do think it's important though and try hard to turn the negative thoughts aside by concentrating on sending out the loving feelings that this world needs.

  7. I'm so happy to hear your kids are well. As a former soldier I am mourning this horrible act. It seems impossibly cruel to me.

    Oh, and as a side note, I use the same book by Juliet Sharman-Burke to study tarot! That book seriously changed everything about how I understand tarot! So neat :)

  8. Jupiter Greenmoone, everyone I know is still trying to pick themselves back up from this awful event too so know that you aren't alone.

    You know I've read so many Pagan books that a lot of them seem to just be saying the same thing in a different way but there are a few that just stand out as "must haves". That's one of them! Hmm I think tomorrow I'll figure out how to make a list and put my favorites up. Thanks for the idea :)