Sunday, November 15, 2009

Look at me, Mom!

An award? Me? Wow, I'm really, truly at a loss for words right now! A few folks now have said in their comments that they like my writing and I'm touched, flattered really. My mom was an English teacher at a Catholic private school when she was young. She did her best to instill my siblings and I with a love for reading and how important it was to speak properly. The love for reading certainly took root in me! We've lived in our present home now over a year and I still have books boxed up (despite my husband putting floor to ceiling built in bookshelves on one entire wall of our hallway and six other stand alone bookshelves) because I haven't decided how to make room for them all yet! I have an incredibly hard time letting go of them and heaven help the one I catch abusing or endangering one of my books! In school English and Literature type classes came very easily to me and in my high school and college years I found that this gift for language extended to foreign tongues as well.

To tell the truth, though, I don't consider myself that great a writer. I tend to put writing into different categories in my own mind. Quick notes can just be little more than nonsense scribbles as long as whoever it's for understands it. A personal journal that's really written for my eyes alone is a step above a quick note meaning I pay a bit more attention to the quality of writing simply because I want to be able to really remember the experiences when I go back and read them even years from now. This blog I'd place a bit above the personal journal because my aim is not only to write for myself but to share these thoughts, feelings, and events with others. You have to be a little bit more clear and concise if that's your goal but I'm still not as careful to be as grammatically correct as I would be writing a college thesis, for example. This is my style and I'm happy to know that there are people here who enjoy it.

Apparently this award comes with rules and I don't know if I'll have time to complete them all today but fear not for I have a plan! For heaven 's sake stop all that silly rushing about diving for cover!!! You all have got to stop listening to my husband!! Ok settle down now... THE PLAN is I will give the list of rules below now then come back and edit them each to completion until all the rules have been adhere...until to the rules I've adherr...(see there's that grammar thing again)...until they're complete! Here we go!

  • Thank the person that gave you this award - That would be the lovely lady who writes her own wonderful blog, Dreamfarm Girl. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you! This really does mean a lot to me.

  • Copy the award - Uh oh. I'm only on number two and I'm already stumped! It's ok, breathe slowly, you've figured out tougher things than this...

  • Post it on your blog - ...don't freak out!! Yes, I KNOW if you're stuck on number two there's no WAY you can complete number three but running in circles screaming scaring the animals is NOT going to get it done!!!

Edited to add: I'm so sorry, dear ones, but so far I've failed to comprehend how on earth to get this award posted to my page properly *sob* and I'm running out of time before company arrives! Hopefully this will do until I catch on:

  • Tell your readers 7 things they don't know about you - Doesn't it count that I've been doing that all along??? No. Well ok...

  1. I'm a scuba diver.

  2. I'm a gamer geek.

  3. Despite my love for animals I also love hunting, fishing, and raising my own animals for meat.

  4. My totems are Black Jaguar and Horse.

  5. I'm a complete chocoholic.

  6. I'd love to show off my bellydancing skills to others but I'm just too darn shy and self conscious.

  7. I can't smell.

  • Give the award to 7 bloggers - Ok! I'll get to that right after I finish this.

Edited to add: The seven fabulous blogs I've chosen to forward this award on to are:

  1. Pagan Culture

  2. I do things so you won't have to

  3. From the Inside...Out.

  4. Carnelian Chronicles

  5. Breeze Daze

  6. Carrotspeak

  7. Excerpts from the Life and Mind of Kristin...

Some of these I'm already a follower of because I like what they have to say, I like the way they say it, and honestly I like what I know about them so far. Being so new to the blogworld left me a little short on who to give this award to so I shamelessly ransacked the lists of the other bloggers I already knew I liked. I looked at quite a few that were wonderful blogs that just didn't "turn ME on," if you know what I mean but I'm very pleased to have found a few real gems. So thanks for leading me to some great new blogs to read too!

  • Tell the bloggers on their blog - And this will naturally have to wait until I complete the last step.

I went, I saw, I duly notified all seven!

  • Keep being awesome - Who me? I feel a bit awkward about that since I don't know that I'm all that awesome but I can promise that I'm constantly reaching for better in everything I do!

I kinda think Mom would be proud right now.


  1. Congratulations! You so deserve it! I've never commented here before but I've read. It's great! Keep up the good work!


  2. yay! I'm so glad you are happy to get this award. Breeze is right, you do so deserve it!

  3. Thanks very much you two! If you feel a teensy bit squeezed that's just me sending long distance hugs :)

  4. Wheeee! Thanks so much! This goes up on my award page TODAY! (I'm a notorious non-follower of rules, so I hope you'll forgive me if I do some flouting.)

    And congratulations to you! From what I've seen, you're definitely deserving, and I should expect you to receive many, many more awards.


  5. Thank you! Is there an award picture? I'll post it soon!!!


  6. Thanks so much! I love reading your blog and I'm flattered you passed this award on to me :)

  7. For some reason there's more line breaks in my post than I put in right now but REJOICE for I have at least managed to put a picture of the award in this post!!

    JD, you're welcome :) It's your award so I would think you could put it right up top today if that's what you want!! Shoot for the moon! lol

    Breeze, you're welcome too :) I hope you can pull the image out of this post? I'm sorry but I'm so far behind the technological times it's a wonder I haven't regressed to banging rocks together to make a fire! lol

    Jupiter, you're welcome three :) I'm so glad you enjoy reading here and believe me, I enjoy reading yours too or I wouldn't have passed the award on to you! You deserve it!

  8. I love your writing. I enjoy the way it helps live your experiences with you. There aren't many people who can feel their words with feelings, so when I find one, I stick around. Why do you think I'm following?

    Thanks so much for the nomination, and write on!

  9. Oh, just wanted to say that I'm a chocoholic too, and I refuse to get any help. This sickness is just too damn tasty lol!

  10. Aw Magaly, thank you, you're welcome, and viva la chocolate!! lol

  11. Clandestiny, thank you so much for the award! -and what a treat to get to discover your blog, as well! I appreciate the transparency in your writing. You certainly deserved it and I'm sure "keeping on being awesome" won't take much effort on your part. : )

    I have to admit I'm a complete technological infant. I'll have to try to figure out the whole award transfer thing...

    Again, congratulations and thank you!

  12. Aw! Thank you so much, sweetie for thinking of me! I humbly accept this award with much thanks! Congrats to YOU for receiving it and to the other recipients as well. It's always great to find other ppl's favorites and get to read some new, great stuff!

    I think you've got a lovely blog here...that's why I keep coming back! Keep up the great writing!