Monday, November 2, 2009

Making a Difference Monday

Yes, it's Making a Difference Monday!! Every Monday my entry will be about acts of kindness. This brilliant idea came from Carrie over at Carrot Speak. The whole idea is "to try and change the world one kind deed at a time." I really love it because we all know that sometimes this world can be pretty cruel! It's far too much for any one person to tackle on their own but Making a Difference Monday is about recognizing the smaller acts of kindness that any one person can easily do. It's our hope that one act of kindness will inspire another and another and another and so on making the world a better place. If we each do a little no one has to do a lot! I hope you decide to participate! If you do simply:

1.) Make your own Making a Difference Monday post, explaining to your readers these rules, and sharing the story of some small act of kindness you've performed in the past week. It could be anything...holding a door, helping a little old lady cross the street, or even just stopping at a red light when there's no one around to know the difference.
2.) Enter a link to your post in the Mcklinky box over at
Carrot Speak: Making a Difference Monday.
3.) Link back to Carrie's post in yours so that your readers can find the full list of participants.

And what good things have I done this past week?

  • took some of my time off to counsel someone who needed someone to talk to
  • at our neighborhood Halloween b-b-q I played with an adorable little toddler so that his grandpa could finish his dinner in peace
  • the other day was a wee bit chilly in the house so I put our softest blanket in the dryer then wrapped it all around the children as they watched one of their shows (they just melted into it with little "oh that feels so good" sounds that just make you smile)

Ah it does feel pretty good remembering those!! So c'mon and join us and make sure you give yourself a big blankie-fresh-out-of-the-dryer hug for the good things you do everyday!


  1. Thanks so much for sticking with this! My post will be up later tonight. :)

    I think my favorite was the one about the kids and the warm blanket. My mom used to heat blankets up for me all the time when it was cold out. :) Brings back memories...

  2. I'll put my url in there when you get your's up :)

    I never had it done for me or heard of it but when they were really little I was rushing to dry clean clothes so we could go somewhere. It was cold out so when they put them on they were soooo comfy and content with how good it felt. That just started it all!

  3. Oh, boy! That is a great idea...the fresh from the dryer snuggle-hug. I'm definitely stealing that idea....

  4. I'm so glad for you to steal it!! Everyone deserves that all over toasty, comforting, safe and relaxing feeling!