Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am my own guinea pig

You're getting sleepy...sleeeeeepy... No? I'm still working on hypnotizing people online but one thing that some find interesting is I can hypnotize people in real life. WOW!! EXCITING!! Heh, not really when you know how it's done. Remember the last time you were just staring off into space not really thinking anything at all until you suddenly snapped out of it and realized that you had "zoned out?" You were in a hypnotic trance!

If we don't keep it occupied with something our conscious mind yammers at us constantly like a used car salesman on crack. It yaps on and on so much that half the time we don't even realize we're paying attention to it. In hypnosis we try to distract, bore, or otherwise get the conscious mind out of our way so that we can talk to the subconscious which is a much more reasonable creature! We can change many different things in a person faster and easier with hypnosis because we don't have to fight through doubts, cynicisms, and skewed beliefs of the conscious mind. The subconscious mind simply accepts and records.

Some people fear that they will be forced to do something against their nature or beliefs. Who could blame them? Putting your mind into someone else's hands is extending enormous trust and willingness to be vulnerable to them. But actually hypnotism can never make someone do something that they otherwise wouldn't be willing to do. No one has ever been trapped in a trance state. No one has ever been forced to give up valuable secrets under hypnosis. Hypnosis is safe and effective. I've even used it on one of my own children to help him past a problem sleeping at night. It can be used to help lose weight, stop smoking, control pain, increase motivation, ease anxiety and depression, even develop psychic awareness!

So why haven't I just done it to myself (and oh yes, that can easily be done with the help of a relatively inexpensive little taperecorder)?! I've been mulling that over for awhile now and have come to the conclusion that I'm scared it won't work. I'm so tired of pinning my hopes on something that turns out to be ineffective plus my mind keeps saying (you know, that good ole conscious mind) that I didn't use it to get the one year of wonderifical so why should I have to now? Conscious Mind can be such a jerk sometimes!

Me: Listen C.M., I just said that it's safe, effective, faster, and easier. Even you didn't object so it must be so. Plus it won't cost us a dime because we can do our own scripts and already have a very nice little recorder to use.

C.M.: Well yeah but you know that every time you get your hopes up and fall it hurts and you end up lower than when you started. Can you really afford that?

Me: But what if it works?

C.M.: What if it doesn't?!

Me: Grrr! Ok what if we simply try it as an sort of experiment? I don't believe it will work or that it will fail. I simply create then play the tape and objectively record the results. It's not my goal to predict the results either way.

C.M.: Wellllll...

Me: Hah! You can't think of a reason not to when it's put that way, can you?

C.M.: I wanna go play video games *pout*

It is a bit too late to tackle the rest of this project tonight. I'll have to figure out what to work on first, develop a script, and record it when I'm sure of no interruptions. I think I'll pick this back up tomorrow sometime. Wanna watch me play around in my own brain??? Keep reading! lol


  1. I definitely want to watch!

    Hm, your post made me think of something: I'm usually walking around on a daze, I wonder if that is because my subconscious mind smacks my conscious mind so often, it doesn't even fight to stay afloat. Awwww, daydreams are just wondrous, aren't they? SMACK!

  2. Conscious Mind may be a jerk sometimes but he has his purpose too! Why is C.M. male in my mind? Subconscious Mind is telling me not to analyze it too carefully because the answer is scary lol See, Magaly? It's ok for our minds to be at odds with each other sometimes! Or it could be a very serious psychological illness that we share but I choose to believe that we're just fine. And the voices in my head agree unanimously with me!

  3. You know, this comment is so profound that I'm going to so something I rarely do. I'll do it this very second... check your email.

  4. Email read and replied back atcha and I'm very touched! ((((Magaly))))