Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thoughts in a Blender

I feel like the only person in the corral trying to catch one of dozens and dozens of greased piglets and some smartass has tied my shoelaces together! There's too many thoughts whirling around in my head. There's way too much that I want to do and say in my life (Need to? Supposed to?) that it really frustrates me that I'm not busy doing and saying them! So spilling out of my head in no particular order and displayed for all to see (sounds fairly icky!) are my Random Thoughts!

  • Maybe that's the best place for me to start my hypnosis experiment, energy and motivation. Wow. It's so easy to do this for someone else! They want to change A, B, and C so we talk for a bit to figure out what they'd like to replace them with and voila, I have a logical starting place. Well think of it this way, what would it hurt to start there? Hmm. True! So need to work up a script within the next few days or so.
  • Dogs need walked and could really use some training! It's just crazy that two excellent dog trainers have a pack of dogs that are actually pretty rude. I hear that's pretty typical of dog trainers though lol The poor things are bored and out of shape.
  • When are we going to finish the kid's playroom??? It's been forever and a good bit of it is already finished! Just need a couple of doors, windows, bit more drywall, putty and sand the seams, paint it, tile it, put in furniture and poof, done.
  • But we still need to retile the roof too! We got the insurance money to do that with ages ago but it's gone now. It worries me.
  • Not to mention that the truck needs transmission work and that's gonna eat us for lunch too! But since hubs hit that deer in my van it's out of commission till we can get it fixed so that truck is our only transportation so it's gotta come first.
  • We need to finish the horse's loafing shed really soon too before it gets too cold.
  • Heh and just when are we going to put in a round pen so I can actually train the horses so we can RIDE them finally?? Right now they're just big spoiled rotten pets that aren't allowed in the house. Dangit I wish I could use that ground auger by myself so I could just do it and be done.
  • You promised kiddo K you'd crochet a blanket for him like you did kiddo B too! I bought the yarn (a really silky soft dark green color) but I have to find the time. Basic crochet isn't hard to do but it can be pretty time consuming!
  • I'd like to sew up my dress already! Ugh I wish I knew if the sewing machine is just being a pain or if I'm not remembering how to work it right after all this time! Oh I know, look it up online!! Heh.
  • That dog yard is outta control too! You need to scoop it! Ugh bleh yuck! Why am I the one who gets stuck with all the POO in our lives???
  • Which reminds me the cat boxes need scooped too!
  • When am I going to get to try that apple pie recipe? It sounds like it's just to die for even without any chocolate in it!
  • You need to finish those wands at some point so you can sell em off. I wonder if it's even worth it? It's taken me most of a year to get around to doing just three of them (but when you think about it I don't have a lot of actual time invested in them right now either)! What am I going to get with the money from that??? A big tub of chocolate ice cream. So I've either got to get going to make a lot more of em faster or...what? I dunno. Make gifts or something out of em.
  • Are we going to try geocaching with the boys this weekend? It's kiddo M's 16th birthday so will he even want to go do that??? Hmm it involves effort so probably not. We'll have to have a cake of course...will I have to bake it or is hubs going to buy one? Gotta ask. And presents and find a good time to take him into town to spend his gift cert from the grandparents.
  • I really need to get out there, give turkey-boy a nice farewell snack then whack him for Thanksgiving dinner! Wow it just doesn't sound right no matter how you phrase it, does it? I'll have to blog about that one day. I love animals so much and I truly believe that raising/hunting/fishing it yourself, if done right, is so much more humane that I do it when I'm able.
  • Dogs all need baths again (and grooming, nail trims). Horses too before it gets too cool to do it!
  • All the bedding needs washed along with the regular stuff and last week's stuff that kiddos so...beepbeepitybleepinbeep...ahem, KINDLY hid until this week. I could just beat them for that! Normally I'd make THEM do laundry for that but it's kiddo M's birthday and I just can't make him spend it doing laundry! Whatta sucker.
  • What I really want to do today is just veg out in front of WoW. Anyone else here a World of Warcraft player? If you click that link I am NOT responsible for anything that may occur because of it! That is a very addictive, time intensive game so ya gotta be able to say no at least often enough to fulfill basic bodily necessities like sleep, know! It's wicked fun to play when you have a minute to just mess around.

AAARRRGH!! Ok, ok, enough...too much!! I'm off to pick up poo I suppose. O h . . . j o y . . . (If you want to have animals then that's just someth... I know! I know! Shuddup already!)


  1. Wow! That is SOME list you've got there! I can't even suggest that you MAKE a list....'cause there it IS.

    I am strangely drawn to the notion of you slaughtering and eating your own turkey. I don't know if I could do that....well, I suppose I could if I HAD to...but I'd probably try and eat dirt first.

    Sounds like you've got a lot of work to do! Hope you can get some help (hint, hint) with it!

  2. Oh my you've exhausted me completely! Maybe just choose one thing to focus on and forget the rest for a bit! (But don't listen to me; I've got warning lights on my dashboard blaring at me to change my oil and plump up my tires. I'm a Ms. Bad Example.) Well, enjoy your kiddo's Bday!

  3. Kathryn, that's only what I consider to mostly be my big project list! That doesn't even count the numerous day to day chores like laundry, feeding all the critters, etc. lol And when we bid farewell to turkey-boy I plan to blog all about it so just wait and do it vicariously if you like! lol

    Dreamfarm Girl, naughty!! You don't want your car to poop out on you in Austin! I'm extremely blessed that my husband is one of those that can take the entire engine apart then put it back together good as new.