Saturday, November 14, 2009

Find That Cache!

Nothing deep, dark, twisted or grim today because today I'm spending all day just having fun with my sweetie! Real quick though I wanted to share a website with everyone. Feeling a little cabin feverish? Bored? Well go find that cache!


  1. You know, Alix from CASA HICE recommended the same. I think I'll talk to The Boyfriend about it and see what happens. We are both into these sort of things ;)

    I'll tell you how it goes.

  2. Living out in the boonies I thought there would really be no point to it for me (what good is a treasure hunt without treasure to find??) but I was just stunned to find that the search within 100 miles of home turned up almost 7000 caches!! I'm thinkin it might be fun to do with the kiddos this weekend!

  3. We are into geocaching also, but in the Michigan area. We had 25 within 5 miles of home; now my husband has been reaching out and is having a great time. He has been planning his own; actually a couple. It's been good for him and gets him off the couch...