Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Alice down the rabbit hole

That's what I feel like, I fell down the rabbit hole the last few days. There's been some adventure, some things have been good, some not so great, but all in all it's been life as usual just busier than normal. But I won't even bore you with the list of chores keeping me busy since Saturday! One interesting thing is we have solved the case of the loose cockateil that is defying the odds of survival. Yesterday my husband called me outside to see a really sweet pup he'd found out in our pasture. He was clean, well fed, and had a nice new collar on so we figured someone might've just lost him. We put a leash on him and started to go door to door to see if anyone knew where he lived. Fortuantely the first house we checked, the older couple right next door who had let all their cockateils loose, turned out to be where the pup belonged.

We chatted with the old guy for a few minutes and found out that the reason the last cockateil I saw outside, the one I couldn't catch and was so amazed at his survival, was surviving so well is because the couple put a cage out on the back porch. Every evening the cockateil comes back to his cage for food and water! Sadly we also had to hear that one of the cockateils they turned loose, dying of dehydration, had tried to get a drink from their pool and drowned. One major mantra of animal rescue, even if I'm officially out of the business, is you can't save them all.

Also my husband is outrageously proud of himself right now because...get ready for it...he found some gadget that makes s'mores in the microwave! Yep, I'm totally serious! lol The kids love to make em, of course, and have come up with all sorts of ways to make em and some have been a bit more of a mess than others. So tonight he keeps asking me, "do you want one? You SURE? I could make you a s'more!" Finally he admitted with a bashful smile that he didn't want to eat one but he really did want to see his new little toy work! Wow I do love that goof! lol

I'll be back tomorrow for a serious session of catching up on putting a post up here and seeing what's been going on with all my bloggy buddies, promise!

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