Thursday, December 17, 2009

Taboo for you?

From an early age I could appreciate a pretty girl as well as a good looking guy. It didn't even occur to me for many years to concern myself over whether the person I was attracted to was a girl or boy! As a matter of fact none of the outside counted for as much as what they thought, felt, and who they really were. So I had no problem identifying my sexual orientation but as for sexual practices...well at some point in my life I wanted to explore my limits from one end to the other and everything in between.

It was very interesting to me to learn the great variety of things there are to do out there and that one person's ultimate fantasy was completely out of the question with others. It was also fascinating to note my own reactions to each at different levels! Some I wanted to try while others were not at all appealing. But even the things that I felt I never wanted to try I wanted to understand why I had this immediate reaction and why others found it stimulating.

Some of the more interesting things I discovered? There's lots that most people have at least heard mentioned but have you really considered them as acts that some honestly enjoy? Even if it's something that's not right for you can you accept it in another? I know a couple in which the man enjoys women's clothing and wearing diapers. On one hand I'm still wrestling to understand this but in trying to think of it objectively who does it harm? If there's no harm to anyone why would it bother me at all? Is this some flaw of my belief system, is it simply societal influence, or what?

Did you know that there are adults in America who have had sex, even had children, without allowing their partner to see them fully naked? I came upon this discovery by accident when I asked another military wife who was pregnant if she liked her OB-GYN. She seemed almost offended and replied, "I don't want some doctor poking around there until I deliver and really have to! Even my husband doesn't see my junk!" I still can't really understand this one (forgetting the fact that anyone would call such wonderous bits of anatomy "junk")! On a mental level I can understand that it's almost certainly a problem of having low esteem, poor body image, or having some belief that the genitals are somehow dirty but I just can't understand it on any other level.

I found some that I'm not entirely sure how to categorize at all such as people that become aroused by the fantasy of being swallowed whole (i.e., like a snake would) and others stimulated by objects being inflated (i.e., watching a pool toy being blown up). Once again I feel that my initial reaction may not be what I'd ideally wish so I have to fall back on one of the cores of my beliefs, is this harmful to anyone? I myself occassionally indulge in fantasies that are rather violent that in fantasy I can find stimulating but would never, ever, EVER wish for in real life!

If nothing else it just goes to show that the mind is an important sexual organ too! What do you think? Are these things that come to you naturally or do you have to examine your options like me?


  1. ...and don't you wonder (pychologically) what has happened in a person's history which inspires some different types of fantasies or desires...

  2. Oh the psychology of it ALL is endlessly fascinating for me!! Why does one person react one way to something that happened while another person who's experienced exactly the same thing may react completely different? What makes us like/dislike anything? It's all simply amazing!!

  3. I wish I could read and learn phychology, but don't seem to be able to get into that type of book, yet I'm always wondering why people are who they are... wonder what that says about me???

  4. Judy you are a joy to have around! I just had to grin thinking about you wondering about the psychology of yourself being curious about the psychology of others without really wanting to learn all the technicalities of psychology!! lol

  5. I'm thinking most of it is innate. We like what we like...and I totally agree...if it's in the privacy of one's own home, whose business is it?

    If it's not harming anyone, of course...

    Religion may have something to do with ppl needing to be covered up all the time...yet many of these same ppl are told to re-create every chance they get. Kinda ironic...