Friday, December 18, 2009

Just a day

Nope. I'm just not in the mood today to wrestle my inner demons on here, challenge beliefs, or even think too hard! Last night we lit up the fireplace for the first time this year and this morning there were still lots of toasty warm coals burning away on some large chunks of wood. Ahhhh! It's sooo nice sometimes to wake up to that comforting warmth! Also last night I treated myself to a completely unhurried warm bath and played with my lovely new body scrub, lotions, and such. My darling husband even scrubbed my back with them for me which was wonderful! Then I stripped down the bed, put on fresh new sheets, and just laid there for awhile savoring the little currents of air from the fan, lazily stroking here and there to enjoy the warm silky feeling of my skin.

Unfortunately I didn't sleep very well, more nightmares waited for me about a sickly baby and other odd things, but that's not out of the ordinary and hasn't left me feeling like the walking dead today. My skin still feels just heavenly, there's this warm little fireplace, warm sweet coffee, and the children's vacation starts today! All my boys will be home with me for at least a week!! Ahhh I can already feel some of the tension melt out of my shoulders just thinking that they'll all be here where I can take care of them. We must make our traditional gingerbread men and turn the monsters loose with tubes full of icing to decorate, hopefully JUST the cookies! lol I'll make the really good homemade hot cocoa with lots of little marshmallows, wrap them up in the morning with fluffy blankets toasty fresh from the drier, and they will get their presents from us and their grandparents. Watching them get presents is the best part of it all for me!

I hope your day goes as divinely as mine has so far!!


  1. You make it sound lovely...wishing you everything...

  2. That day really was lovely! Thank you, Judy *hugs* and the same to you. May all your wishes come true!

  3. Sounds heavenly...all that snuggly soft warmness...loving it! I need someone who'll
    buy me bath products and then put 'em on my back!

  4. Aw Kathryn you so deserve someone to rub nice bath products on your back too! If I ever win the lottery I'll send my hubby to you once a week with salt scrub and lotion, ok? lol