Thursday, December 3, 2009

What would you do?

I'd like to try to give this story as objectively as possible to let people answer freely so I hope you'll forgive me if this comes out on the unemotional side.

My son's step mother called me tonight to discuss something with me. She said that there's been rumors at my son's school that someone plans to bring a gun to shoot teachers and students tomorrow. My son says he's scared and doesn't want to go to school tomorrow. Points to consider that were brought up in our discussion:
  1. Many parents have called the school and have been told that this rumor has been thoroughly investigated by them and police. They are assuring parents that this was just a rumor spread by someone wanting to stir up trouble.
  2. There's been no incidences at this school having to do with weapons but there has been an increase in serious fights.
  3. My son has a good attendance record and good grades.
  4. Giving in to these kinds of threats gives the perpetrators power which could increase the number of incidents.
  5. Allowing my son to stay home from school may send him the message that it's ok to live your life in fear.
  6. My son openly gripes about school and has been known to wiggle out of a day here and there. It's possible he could see this as a way to get out of going to school in the future.
  7. Where do you draw the line between protection and over protecting?

Would you keep your son home from school or not? I'll reveal which way I decided after folks have had a chance to have their say :)

P.S. No matter which way you lean on the subject I would really appreciate any prayers, energy or anything else people care to send for the protection of the teachers and students of my son's school tomorrow!


  1. Okay, don't say how old your son is, but he sounds a lot like Connor (12).

    I'd probably send him to school...feeling somewhat confident that school officials would properly protect the kids, especially if some idiot was stupid enough to start a rumor. I mean, wud anyone seriously follow thru, even if it was true, once everyone was talking about it??

    Here in NY we hear about this stuff after the fact...and school officials are very good about making sure the kids are safe.

    I'll keep you in my thoughts that the same holds true for you and your son.

    Keep us posted.

  2. I personally would keep him home.
    If there are reports of a bear running wild in your neighborhood, you aren't going to let your kid go outside and play in the woods.
    If someone's saying they're going to bring a gun to a place and use it on people I wouldn't allow my kid to go to that place.
    If your kid has good attendance I don't see the harm in letting him take the day off. I wouldn't be afraid that I'd be sending the message it's okay to live in fear as much as I'd be glad I was sending the message that you should avoid people who are saying they're going to shoot people.
    Yes, there's a chance that it's a hoax, but there's a chance it isn't. I wouldn't take that chance, but that's just me.
    I'm sending tons of energy in your direction. I really hope it turns out to be a false alarm.

  3. Well my two sweetlings it looks like your comments are as divided as all four parents were too! None of us were positive in our own minds which was really best but the dads voted to send him to school, the moms were for keeping him home. He did stay home and there wasn't a shooting, thank gods! And thank you two for the thoughts and energy!! Even though my son wasn't in direct danger this time it would still be too awful to imagine if something had happened. I guess this is one of those times where there really isn't a real right or wrong only choices and consequences. In the end what clinched it for us was no one could possibly predict if it was or wasn't really going to happen. If we sent him to school and the worst had happened how on earth could we live with it??? I don't know how I could live losing one of my boys but to have had even a tentative whisper of warning, not heeding it, then losing one...I just don't have any words big enough to express the sheer awful of that option.
    Oh and Kathryn, he's 15 :)

  4. I'm really glad it was a false alarm :)
    And I'm glad your son is still healthy and happy. That's all that really matters.