Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Tease

Looks like you guys are all on board with this whole shift in the Closet to a more adult oriented place to be, some a bit more on board than others even, but in true sadis...I mean...well ok, sadistic fashion I'm arbitrarily choosing Saturday as The Day Naked in the Closet Goes XXX!! Mmm, maybe not quite that far but we'll definitely feel a bit more free to get a bit SPICY from time to time.

For now I'll just warm ya up a little with a few slightly tamer tid-bits starting with THE book that I highly recommend to everyone who has had or ever plans to have sex!
This lil gem is put out by Goofyfoot Press. Since getting this book long ago I learned that "goofyfoot" is a surfing term that simply means you lead with your left foot on the surf board (uh unless I'm getting my feet dyslexic again lol) instead of your right as most people. It's kind of picked up the meaning "to be a bit off" or "different from the rest" which is one good way to describe this book! It's jam packed with up to date information on anything you want to know about sex and more but delivers the facts in fun and hilarious ways that also just make it an enjoyable read. Just a few titles of the *71 chapters* gives you some idea what you're in for:

  • Orgasms, Sunsets & Hand Grenades
  • Intercourse -- Horizontal Jogging
  • Better Mating Through Internet Dating
  • Techno Breasts & Weenie Angst
  • Kinky Corner
  • Gnarly Sex Germs
  • The Dirty Word Chapter
  • Sex on the Interstate

When I'm not giggling my way through it's pages I keep this on the family book shelf and have pointed out it's location to all four of our boys. They know if they have any questions, concerns, or just want a conversation they can come to one or both hubs and I but they are also free to read this book all they want, no questions asked. Our biggest bookworm plucked it off the shelf and immediately nestled down on a comfy corner of the couch and was soon laughing and sharing passages with everyone else. More than once I've spotted it in their rooms but have casually not let on that I've seen it. Hubs and I are parents of the opinion that sex is normal and natural, there's nothing shameful or dirty about it in the least, and education is the way to keep them happy and healthy. If for whatever reason they don't talk to one of us about something to do with sex we are perfectly happy and comfortable telling them that they can trust the information in this book. Considering how I feel about my kiddos there is no higher praise for a book than that!


  1. I LIKES! This is my last Yule present to myself. I promised to get me 5 books and nothing else and this is the last one. I'm not crazy about nonfiction, but when it comes to sexuality I like reading everything out there. It intrigues me and it makes me hopeful about humanity, for is the one thing that almost ALL of us have in common--most people like sex. They might frown and stuff, when one talks about it, but if they are doing it and doing it right, they like it.

    Thanks for this tease, I can't wait for Saturday! The Boyfriend will be here, so we'll read it together Teehehehehehe!

  2. Both of you??? Aaaahhhhh talk about performance anxiety!! rofl I'm glad I could turn you on (*snicker*) to the Guide!