Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is it over yet?

Last night we unexpectedly had two friends over visiting for one of our Game Nights but told them right off that I was feeling awful. One of the poor things had the very same ICK as I do so we all decided to just hang out together and chat instead. My dear, sweet, wonderful husband filled me and our sick friend up on scalding hot rum toddies! So by the end of the night my hubs was off driving our well friend home while I made up a bed on the couch for our sick friend to stay the night since he was too full of toddies to drive home and much too cozy in front of our fireplace to go home to a chilly house.

Determined to get a few things done I got up at a fairly decent hour this morning and after a nice, warm bath felt like I might grudgingly live through another day. But I made a mistake! I sat on the edge of the bed to put my shirt on! Though the bath made me feel less like every joint was being sawed apart and more like I'd just been very lightly worked over with a baseball bat I felt heavy and icky and the softness of the bed was just too much. The next thing I knew I was screaming myself awake from another nightmare, rolled over to see why my husband hadn't shook me out of it like he usually does, and found that it was 3 pm! Ugh! So I shoved myself out of bed, still clothed, and started dashing around trying to catch up on everything I'd planned to do today.

Until my husband talked me into sitting in my comfy chair with my laptop. A whole day wasted on sleeping and World of Warcraft??? *sigh* Yeah. But I have to say I do feel somewhat better this evening and hope to get some good sleep and wake up feeling better!


  1. Some of the best days are spent in bed or on the computer...get well...

  2. Get well soon Clandestiny!!!!
    I hope you have fun tonight!

  3. Thanks you two! I'm on the recovery road at least and probably thanks to warm wishes like these :)