Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The best laid plans

Yesterday I promised I'd post or die trying! I was also hoping to spend the day happily reading other people's blogs, catching up with what's going on in their worlds, and generally taking it somewhat slower today after several days of hard work. That plan was sent right out the window with the blaring of the alarm this morning. It turns out the husband wanted me to go with him to his dentist appointment so we could finish up Yule shopping afterwards. He said it'd be ok if I didn't go with him but I could tell that he really wanted my help picking out presents so...ah I have trouble resisting my husband when he gets that look! And there was no reason I couldn't write up today's post in my notebook then type it in when we got home.

So after his appointment I had a whole post ready to go about personal responsibility, he had some dazzlingly clean teeth, and we were off to spend some money on the kids! As we walked into the mall I accidently caught the eye of a saleslady at a kiosk and she had That Look that we all know! It says "I WILL accost you, a polite brush off will NOT work on me, and I WILL do my level best to seperate you from every cent in your wallet." She was cute and knew just how to make us stop long enough for her to get into her pitch. She simply stepped squarely in front of my husband, talking to me with a nice, warm smile, handing me a sample of something saying, "Come, let me show you something." Ah well, I figured there'd be no harm in letting her practice her sales speech, demo, then give a nice "no thank you" and leave with the little free sample. Oh how I underestimated this little sorceress!

She was selling skin and body care products with minerals from the Dead Sea in them so I actually thought that it would be fairly easy to say no at the end. I would like to be a girly girl from time to time, do my hair, put on a little makeup, wear a sexy lil dress but in reality when??? I rarely leave our property at all and I just can't see getting all dolled up to scrub a toilet or brush the horses so trying to sell me beauty products is near impossible anyway. Add in the normally RIDICULOUS price these sorts of things usually sell for and it makes it even easier for me to resist. I explained to her that I simply didn't have occassion to pamper myself with things like she was selling, I care for the house, a good number of animals, and live with five males but she expertly turned it around on me.

I had this pretty little thing with long, brown hair, gorgeous soft brown eyes, a pert little nose, and rosy full lips telling me in a firm throaty voice with a seductive little accent that all these things are part of what's so fun about being FEMALE and it was even more important for me having to deal with so much that ruins my nails and skin. She held my hand buffing a nail, rubbing scrubs, peels, lotions, and such into my hand and forearm, gently playing with my hair putting little waves and curls into it weaving her spell with expert ease. But my children won out and I'm proud to say that I kept saying that I simply couldn't do it, that money would buy just one more toy...when my husband wordlessly handed her his bank card. As we walked away he said, "merry Christmas, sweetie." I thanked him and said I only had two questions. First, what had made him do that? He laughed and said he just couldn't resist how I was just melting like warm putty in the salesgirl's hands! My second question was that of course if I got a present he should to so what did he want? He thought for a bit, hemmed and hawed until we were in the privacy of the truck then replied that he had to wait until we were alone because everything he could think of involved me in various forms of undress! Gods, once again, thank you for this man!!

We arrived home to find several people there because one decided that he was going to make homemade ziti for all of us. Lots of marvelous food, talking, laughing, and a few beers later I found myself looking back over today. It wasn't at ALL what I'd planned and it left me 56 minutes to compose and put up this post but I gotta say it was a GREAT day!

P.S. Not only was I simply twitterpated by the salesgirl, not only was she and oustanding salesperson, but her demonstrations proved to us that these products are honestly great! I'll be the guinea pig and let y'all know after a week or two of using them what I think about the products we bought today. In the meantime if you'd like to take a look go to


  1. I have the nail care kit, I got it for Christmas LAST year and still use it all the time. Probably every 2-3 weeks and I am NOT that kind of girl at all, I don't even paint my nails. lol. But I hope you enjoy your present, and that your husband enjoys his! =]

  2. EyesToTheSkye, the nail care kit is what she first demonstrated for us and yes, I do like it! I've never had nice nails unless I paid for the salon fakes which were always breaking during various chores and activities. That was just getting too expensive and too big a hassle! Being able to just trim, file, buff em shiny then rub a little oil into them to make them a little nicer is great! So for me so far so good!! For my husband...well no complaints yet ;) lol