Tuesday, December 8, 2009


That's whatcha get today, randomness. It won't be a post with one cohestive subject. It'll just be whatever falls out of my brain (ew), ok? Ok.

I like to smudge the place a bit after a big cleaning like I did for the in-laws visit last week. Sage can go stale??? UGH!! My family needs to tell me these things! I can't smell for heaven's sake! So just before the in-laws arrive I light a little smudge stick, add a pinch of sandalwood to the burning end just because I believe it will smell nice, and hear from upstairs, "What's burning?!"
"It's just a smudge stick!" I yell back.
He replies, "Oh. It's pretty stale!"
Who knew?

This is my dog Hudson named after Rock Hudson because of his good looks. Isn't he handsome? And so sweet! Look how careful he's being with the little dog :) He is everything I dreamed of having to show and breed in Great Danes! The little dog was a rescue that just never really found a home other than ours. We named him Sir Didymus after the character by the same name in Labyrinth because he's a lot like him, lotsa big yap without a lot of bite usually. He can be a really scrappy lil guy when he's pushed though and dead loyal to the end!

Now THAT'S what a Great Dane head in profile should look like!! See that all you out there breeding Danes with delicate, bitchy heads??? (fyi, "bitchy" when used this way is not a curse word but instead is a term used to mean "looking like a bitch" in the sense of "female dog" because for showing and breeding purposes a female Dane is allowed to be a bit more slender and delicate but the males never should) It's a Great Dane, not a damn Greyhound!

Is there a way to change the rating of my blog to have a warning about adult content? Last night as my love and I lay basking in afterglow the random thought suddenly struck me that I'm not going to be able to post properly about sex on here because I'm fairly blunt and earthy in that area (meaning maybe not suitable for all children of all ages). Not that I'd get straight out vulgar about anything but...ah well I'll leave it at that for now *smirk*

Which reminds me of the time I was at the stable. The trainer (barely more than a kid) and I were watching one of the mares, a particularly snotty lil wench who seemed to be in heat year round, flirt with a horse tied nearby. Later the trainer was telling the owner of the stable and said, "She had a lot of stuff draining from her boo boo." The owner and I exchanged puzzled looks while the trainer looked vaguely embarrassed and helpless for no reason I could figure out. I was just really worried because I hadn't noticed any injuries on the mare! Suddenly the owner burst out screaming in laughter, "You mean her VULVA?! Say it with me, VULLLLLL-VA!" The trainer seemed a tad offended when the owner and I almost collapsed together laughing but c'mon! It was funny and only made funnier by two grown women leaning on each other, laughing hysterically, every once in awhile screaming "VULVA!"

Do you know that I didn't get to go scuba diving at all this year!!! Granted my dive partner is my husband and he's been laid up for most of the year with horrifically shattered ribs so that's just the way the cookie crumbles. But if I'm going to be selfish and vent this lack of diving is KILLING me!!! I think everyone should scuba dive to recover from the stresses of life!! I could really just anchor myself to something and fall right asleep if it wasn't an insanely dangerous thing to do. Ah I can't wait for the return of warm weather!!

I really wish I could figure out what to do with my life. It's not that I don't have any ideas but that I have quite a few ideas with no solid way of choosing between them! Wow maybe I'll blog all about it sometime then put up a poll and let all of you choose my career! That's so crazy I may have to do it just for the sheer lunacy of it! lol

I've been super naughty and I know it. I said quite a few posts ago that I was going to tape a hypnotism script to use on myself and let y'all hear about it. Maybe I need to set a more definite goal than that and have like Self Help Saturday or Fixing Me Friday or something because I notice in blogs that you need some kinda title like that!

Speaking of which, I've really wanted to do another Making a Difference Monday but the shameful truth is I just can't really think of any good deeds in particular I've done. My life is really rather boring and routine in most ways. I rarely leave my property and when I do I generally try to go as unnoticed as possible to avoid interacting with the scary humans out there! Sure the horses and dogs think I'm a hero doing even better than good deeds just for feeding them but it just doesn't cut it for me. Hmph. Something else to figure out but not right now!!!

Nope, right now it's 10 pm and I'mma be even more naughty! (Get yur mind outta the gutter! Hm although that's REALLY not a bad idea...) Will I play WoW half the night? Seduce my husband? Have a forbidden late night chocolate fest? Read? Crochet? Have a sinfully long soak in my fabu-wonder-ous old claw foot tub? Maybe I'll combine more than one in seriously WRONG ways? Vote for your favorite and maybe I'll do that some other night!!


  1. This was very interesting and enlightening...rambling...actually I really enjoyed it...what did you decide to do last evening?? I bet you are a skinny dipper??

  2. ROFL Judy, my dear, I transcend skinny dipping! I am a full out nudist! Though we don't go round the house nekkies all the time it's not unusual to find one of us going, for example, nude from tub to room or searching in clean laundry for the particular clothes we want and so on. But give us someplace where naked is the norm and clothes fly off with lightening speed! lol I'll have to post about it one day.

    But to answer your question I'm afraid you'll be very disappointed in my answer after suggesting I might do scandalous things. Hubs and I were curled up enjoying a snuggle when we started talking about a problem we've both been having. It went from that subject to others...*sigh* To cut to the chase, we ended up talking for quite awhile, I cried myself into a stuffy head, there were cuddles, caresses, and kisses scattered in, then I went to sleep. I'll have to try for scandalous another time for ya lol

  3. Fun post! I think you should write about whatever...whenever! If you need to change it to warn ppl about "questionable content", so be it. Your regular readers won't be intimidated...at least, this one won't!

    Hope you had a *fun* night, whatever combination of stuff you decided to do!

  4. Wasn't really looking for scandulous...just hoping you had a nice evening...unfortunately, doesn't sound like it...maybe next time...cuddles are nice and at least you and hubby are trying to work through whatever...will be thinking of you...

  5. Kathryn, thank you for the support :) I'm not worried about running people off by letting a bit more adult topics creep into the blog. I guess you could say I'm trying to be polite by letting people know so they can make an educated decision for themselves.

    Judy, it's ok, I do understand even when I'm being silly :) In some ways you could say it wasn't all that great an evening but on the other hand it's better than I've ever had it! See from my father up till my first husband I never had a guy that would even try to communicate with me!! If an obstacle came up they decided how to deal with it and I could do the same or suffer. I feel very blessed that I finally have a man who wants to figure out how to get past our obstacles together!