Tuesday, December 29, 2009


All my children are gone. Two went to their mom's and two went back to their dad's. All the gift giving, treats, and wonderful happy time spent with them is over for now. Something has gotten hold of me. Just a cold or other icky so I'll live, no worries, but with the way I feel at the moment I'm not positive that's a good thing. And it's been a nightmare intensive period of time. They seem to go in cycles where I get lots of them for a bit then they slack off for a week or so. Right now I'm so flippin sick of waking up screaming! I can't tell you how fed up I am of seeing my children tortured or killed in a variety of colorful ways and babies that are somehow wrong/sickly/fragile dying no matter how hard I try to protect them.

Sorry guys, this post sucks but that's about where I am right now, Sucksville, USA. Sick and exhausted. It'll get better eventually though! You know that and I know that :)


  1. Nightmares are difficult; and yours probably come from a time in your history which you could not control. I would offer something, but I imagine you have tried everything to end them. So, I'll just say, sorry and I'll be thinking of you this evening and wishing you a restful sleep...

  2. Something to think about this evening... There are three lunar events on December 31 this year...full moon, blue moon, and eclipse (seen in Europe I believe)

  3. Thank you, Judy *hugs* I'll blog bout today in a minute but wanted to say I just appreciate you being there wishing me well :) I've lost track of the time but you're right about the moon. How wonderful an opportunity to work a little magic!