Saturday, December 5, 2009

How does she do it?

If you ask me Cinerella must've had a little magic of her own for that place to have been so sparkling clean and contrary to what anyone might think there is no spell in existence that will work a Fantasia on your house! For a Witch to get the house clean we have to use good ole elbow grease just like anyone else. The only example I had for how to clean house was my mom. She worked full time and did pretty much all the cooking and cleaning. She was really obsessive compulsive about it all too! At dinner you hardly dared get up for a drink because you could return to the table to find your plate gone and don't you complain about it!! That was a sure fire way to get everyone all riled up!

Me: Mom! I wasn't done! I only got up to (insert anything you like because it doesn't change what comes next)!

Mom: (looking totally hassled, frustrated, and fed up) Well I didn't know that! I guess I'm supposed to stand around ALL night waiting to make sure that you're REALLY done with your plate before I can wash it! It's not like I have anything better to do, right? I mean, that's all I'm here for isn't it? To cook and clean for all of you?

From there you can guess that the best thing you could really do is be quiet and make a stealthy escape as soon as possible. She tried to get us to do some chores a few times but we could never get it just like she wanted it, perfect.

I decided early in life that I was NOT going to make myself miserable like that. Two things I really wanted in life was a nice little home of my own and a family to go in it. That was part of my dream so why would I want to spoil it by trying to keep it so sterile that everyone's afraid to move lest they shed a skin cell on something?! My home is for LIVING IN! Yeah the cat boxes need scooping again, there's more seeds and bits on the tile from the birds, there's dustbunnies hiding behind the bowflex, the couch cover needs washed again...who cares?! There is no strange, unidentifiable something lurking in a corner haboring dreams of using it's toxicity to off us all in the quiet of the night. Nothing is growing fuzz unless it's supposed to be fuzzy. Ok with so many people and pets sharing a space there is an off smell here and there from time to time but it's always tracked down and thoroughly eliminated. Really if you can't handle an odd smell why on earth would you share your home with FIVE males and a large, gas prone Great Dane??? When you die there isn't someone at the Pearly Gates ready to do a white glove test on your home to determine if you're worthy of Paradise! At any rate I'm happy with this piece of my life so I don't need to fix what's not broken, right?


  1. Sounds like my only OCD is that doors have to be closed..cupboards, doors, closets...keep them I can't see the mess!

    Off to scoop the kitty litter!


  2. I've never been like your mom, but I do get frustrated when things are messy. It puts me on a bad mood and I feel like I can't move on to do other things if I don't fix what's messy first. It easy when one lives alone, but it makes for a very busy (exasperating) existence when you live with a couple of guy, who have the issues as your Great Dane.

    But I've gotten better. And when I feel like I can no longer handle their mess, I just pray for the patience to withstand it or a good place to bury them if things get out of hand ;)

  3. Breeze, I never thought about it but I really prefer all the doors closed too. It looks nicer and neater that way not to mention keeps all the critters out of the places I don't want them to end up! lol

    Magaly, there are times I wonder if my wanting a little land was really so I could have horses or so I'd have more room to bury the bodies! lol Honestly though, it's been a case of learning to let it go a bit or constantly suffer negative feelings about it and I love my family too much to feel grouchy towards them all the time :)

  4. Yea for you!! That is right, there is not fast-lane to heaven for the Cleaners of the world. I was just thinking this as I vacuumed this had been a while. But I don't let things get too gross. I would rather live in my house than in a display any day. Priorities, people!!

  5. Dreamfarm Girl, sounds like when it comes to cleaning we may be two peas in a pod! :)