Friday, December 4, 2009

Short and sweet

The minutes are slipping away until the in-laws come to visit and I still haven't scooped the cat boxes today! AAAAAAHHHHHH! So for the moment I'm gonna keep things quick then hope I get the chance to spend a bit more time a little later on. I haven't found a new blog to follow in a while so I decided to click a link from one of the blogs I already follow and see what I'd find. Silly me I clicked on...

Have you seen how honkin big this list is??? lol Needless to say I just can't go through all the blogs on this list today so instead I thought why not sign up? Then I can take the rest of my life to browse all these blogs if I really want to, right? I don't want to dash willy-nilly through them! I like to take my time, savor the experience, and delight in the anticipation of the blogs still to read. Plus, hello! Pagan here! lol And on the whole some of the most wonderful people I've ever met have been Pagan. I really think that there's something about a religion that a person can tailor to suit them while still sharing at least some beliefs with the whole, a religion that's positive, loving, and accepting, that really brings together some of the best and most interesting people. So I haven't read your blogs yet but believe me, I'm looking forward to reading them, learning more about everyone, and seeing some friendly faces!


  1. I just signed Witch's Brew up for that! It seems like a really useful tool for pagan bloggers looking to meet like minded bloggers :)

  2. Yes and that's something else that I think I could certainly use right now, some nice, like minded people to remind me that they ARE out there! I wish I had time to go see some of them today but alas, cleaning calls *sob* ;)