Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spice it up Saturday with a secret!

The warning that this blog may contain some adult content is up and it is GO TIME, baby!! It should be pretty obvious that I've had several things to work at and improve all my life but it does make me extra thankful for the things about me that have come fairly easy. I've already mentioned in a past post that I have been blessed with a healthy reproductive system and now I can say that I believe I also have somehow developed very healthy sexual attitudes too! That doesn't mean that there's been no obstacles developing these attitudes and I can only say that these attitudes work for me, not that I endorse them for everyone else.

It's no secret by now that society favors heterosexual couples where each partner is more naturally attracted to certain attributes in each other that should produce overall improvement of future generations (i.e., women with large hips and breasts and strong, virile men) produced after the parent's monogamous union has been sanctified by the church. Generally speaking this seems to be what society believes to be the pinnacle of perfection for which we all should shoot. I would dearly love to spread some type of magical potion through the entire world which would make it impossible to lie or even waffle in any way, shape, or form then have each person fill out a questionnaire all about their sexual activities and attitudes. What do you want to bet that very, very few of us are reaching this goal of perfection? Now what do you want to bet that there's an awful lot of people condemming those that aren't reaching that goal who have simply not been caught yet falling short of that goal themselves? I'm here today to tell you I fall short of that goal in just about every way possible!

*deep breath* It's time for another secret, one that I almost told in one post until I decided to tackle a different subject, one that I hope is neither some kind of big let down nor terribly repulsive. I'm bisexual and not just a little. I'm VERY bisexual. In 1948 Afred Kinsey and colleagues developed a scale, popularly referred to as the "Kinsey Scale," in an attempt to "account for research findings that showed people did not fit into neat and exclusive heterosexual or homosexual categories." Basically while interviewing people about their sexual histories they found that though a number of people identified themselves as exclusively heterosexual or exclusively homosexual "many individuals disclosed behaviors or thoughts somewhere in between."

The scale ranges from 0, for those who would identify themselves as exclusively heterosexual with no experience with or desire for sexual activity with their same sex, to 6, for those who would identify themselves as exclusively homosexual with no experience with or desire for sexual activity with those of the opposite sex, and 1-5 for those who would identify themselves with varying levels of desire or sexual activity with either sex.

By this scale, dear friends, I am right around a 3. Yeah, torn almost exactly in two between being attracted to men and woman but very slightly preferring men. This puts a number of bumps into my road of life. First off, society has problems with anyone who doesn't identify as "by gawd, I'm straight and I'll fight anyone who so much as thinks otherwise!" (Whew, settle down now in-bred corn-fed! Even if someone DID think otherwise it wouldn't make you suddenly start craving a "tall cool one" in ways other than drinking a beer! It's pretty hilarious how they seem to think it's contagious somehow! lol) Then there is the problem of not identifying more strongly one way or the other. I can't tell you how often I've admitted this to a guy who almost invariably gives some form of the reply, "that's HOT!" As far as fulfilling HIS fantasies of having more than one woman crawling over his naked form a bisexual woman is hitting the jackpot! But once you settle down and promise forever to someone being bisexual is suddenly just WRONG. I've never understood this and probably never will. Do they really believe we can just turn it off somehow??? I'm just one more person out here telling you if you are gay or bisexual it's not something you can change! You can choose not to act on your impulses but you will forever feel that attraction to people the same gender as you!

Sexuality in general, my sexuality in particular, are subjects that I feel very strongly about! I also find them one of the more fascinating facets of human psychology because so many people do have such strong opinions and knee-jerk reactions yet there's such a huge diversity in what is deemed right, normal, and acceptable. The best way to sum up my overall opinion is whatever two or more consenting adults do, as long as they aren't harming anyone, is no one else's business. Unless of course they decide to share it with someone or a few people or whoever happens to stop by the blog to say hello!


  1. Hello - anything happening in your world this morning???

  2. Hello! Are you in a sharing mood?

    Just kidding, I'm kind of committed to The Boyfriend at the moment and we are both to stingy to share.

    I believe (and this is my very personal opinion) that most people are attractive to everyone. Some are higher in the Kinsey Scale, like you, and prefer both genders. Or lower like me and favor males, but find some females sexually attractive. I've never done anything with a girl, but I believe the female body is very sensual. What's not to like about soft curves and skin (unless you are hairy as all hell and have--or need--your own contract with Gillette, like me) lol.

    I think you are very sexually health and as long as you, your partner and anyone you guys want to bring in is aware of the situation, then everything is cool.

    I like this side of your writing. I can see you shine through the words!

  3. Hello Judy! The last few days have actually been one of those periods of time where your To Do list is crazy hectic but at the same time it's nothing to write home about, housework mostly, bleh! I WILL put together a post tomorrow or die trying lol

    Magaly, yes, that's it! You might identify as straight but you also recognize that you are not necessarily a 0 on the scale. I honestly think that more women are willing to consider this than men and I really hope that one day men will feel as comfortable with the idea. And yeah, don't even get me started on what I think about the female form! lol

  4. Just remembered what happened with Magaly's friend and her husband. She brought in another women and things took a turn for the worse. Just be careful what you wish for...

  5. Judy, that's true, of course, but also Magaly's friend set things up in a way that had a very high probability that things could go bad! There's ways to do things like that that are less risky but I'm not in a place with myself in life to do anything like that anyway.