Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sex in the Closet????

Bwahahahahaha!!! That's right, duckie -- S E X !!

This is actually just a quickie (heh that's what she said) to let folks know (more than one...kinky!) that I have indeed discovered how to set my blog up for adult content (heh heh huuh heh she said "adult content") so when one of my most talkative (no ball gags necessary) followers (but collars and leashes can be fun) comes over (care for a roll in the hay?) they won't be shocked (OMG that's not natural!!) by the adult content (heeehuuh heh heh she said it again) warning that precedes my blog coming up (do I really have to hand you the obvious sexual innuendo contained in those last two words????)

So in a few days or so brace yourselves as Naked in the Closet gets dirty!! lol


  1. I will definitely be back...hehe

  2. Breeze, yaay!

    Jon, glad it tickled your funny bone!

    Judy, had to do SOMETHIN to break the boredom, didn't I??? lol

  3. I can't wait! As you might already know, I like my writing sexy (and dirty). Hey, my first writing job was writing for a Canadian adult (porn lol) site. It was a blast!

    So stop holding up on us and open that closet wide open, I'm looking!

  4. Magaly you're a darling little minx but I won't let even you talk me into opening that closet wide open quite yet!! There's still some big scary skeletons hiding back there that I'll tackle all in good time :) But in the meantime there's no reason we can't all enjoy a bit more adult chit chat on here! I'd LOVE to hear more about your days as a porn writer!!! I can see that being a lot of fun! lol

  5. I told myself that I would blog about it one day, but the way things used to be, you might have to let me guest blog here one Saturday lol. My 11-year-old cousin reads my blog and she has this obsession: she does everything I do and wants to be me, not like me, but ME! when she grows up. Poor little soul!

  6. Aw hon I'd be thrilled to have you guest blog here about it!! Your little cousin chose well for a role model!